Future USS MONTANA Gets a Float (posted 6/12/20)

Big Sky Country support for the future USS MONTANA and her crew members comes in many, often surprising, ways — and delights us every time we see it!

Consider the MONTANA float now being scheduled to travel the state as parades and other events are being re-scheduled.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is USSMTC-USS-Montana-Float-DAR-SAR-5-6-20.jpg
Submarine model awaits placement on float trailer. (Photo by Pete Oakander.)

Thanks to the Montana Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) the float will be available beginning next month, and can be requested for an appearance through the Contact page on the www.ussmontanacommittee website. If you make a request, it will be forwarded to the DAR/SAR float coordinator who will respond directly to you.

Wherever the float is, there will be DAR and SAR volunteers – and USS MONTANA Committee members and volunteers – there. They will pass out brochures about our namesake warship, the history of the first USS MONTANA, and the work of the USS Montana Committee as well as the two float-sponsoring organizations.

The float was constructed by the SAR’s Pete Oakander, Secretary of the Sourdough Chapter in Bozeman. The 15-foot submarine image is mounted on a trailer pulled by a volunteer-driven pickup truck. Says Pete, the project is all “…in the spirit of patriotism, cooperation and promotion of the USS MONTANA.”

We’ll help publicize where the float will be, and when. We encourage USS Montana Committee members who see that the float will be in their areas, and who would like to walk with it or hand out literature, to also let us know through the website Contact page so we can connect the DAR/SAR folks with you.

And we’ll continue to pass along fun items about how Montanans are becoming more and more involved with our work.

We thank all who support our submarine, our sailors, and our great state and country through their volunteer work with so many wonderful nonprofit organizations!