USS MONTANA Commissioning Videos – Full View and “Inside” Look! (posted 6/30/22)

Two videos are available that, together, provide wonderful coverage of the USS MONTANA’s commissioning. One, by documentary film maker Craig Wirth is a fun three-minute summary that includes an “inside” look at some of the Montana-themed elements aboard the submarine. It can be viewed here, or through our website’s home page. This report was made possible by a grant from … Read More

USS MONTANA Commissioned!

Now officially the USS MONTANA, SSN 794 was commissioned as the newest and most advanced submarine in the U.S. Navy fleet on Saturday, June 25, 2022. With more than 100 Montanans among the nearly one thousand in attendance, in a powerful traditional ceremony with Montana elements, Big Sky Country’s namesake warship became part of the world’s strongest Navy, her Vigilantes … Read More

Montanans Arrive for Commissioning! (posted 6/23/22)

Montanans are arriving in Norfolk for Saturday’s commissioning of SSN 794 as the USS MONTANA! For those Montanans, there will be a final schedule copy at the USS Montana Committee information desk where name badges are picked up. That’s on the second level of the Norfolk Waterside Marriott Hotel, 235 East Main Street. It opens at 1 PM on Thursday, … Read More

Commissioning Ahead: CO & Crew are Excited–and Pasties are Baked! (posted 6/17/22)

Check the Montana Talks link and scroll to the podcast version of the interview by Aaron Flint with future USS MONTANA crew, including Commanding Officer Jon Quimby, as they discussed their new submarine, its commissioning as the USS MONTANA o June 25, and the powerful support they ‘re receiving from Montanans across Big Sky Country. Today, ladies in Butte baked … Read More

MONTANA Commissioning Tickets Update (posted 6/16/22)

Tickets are now being mailed to those who responded to the Navy’s formal invitations to the commissioning of the USS MONTANA on Saturday, June 25. However, if your tickets have not arrived by the time you leave for Norfolk, Virginia, a duplicate replacement set will be available at a special Navy Will Call desk. It will be adjacent to the … Read More

Commissioning: Navy Invitations Being Sent / COVID Options / Streaming (posted 6/9/22)

Invitations and Responses In an exciting step toward the Saturday, June 25, commissioning of the future USS MONTANA, the Navy is this week sending its USS MONTANA commissioning invitations out by email. The invitations are going to those who requested them, including to those who asked for invitations through the USS Montana Committee. Responses to the invitations are being requested … Read More

PCU MONTANA Readies for Commissioning /Attendee Update (posted 6/1/22)

The crew of the future USS Montana has been busy — more work at sea, testing, training, preparing for commissioning as the newest addition to the Navy fleet! As the June 25 commissioning approaches, we thank all those who have committed to witnessing history being made – in person in Norfolk, Virginia. And we salute all those awaiting requested ceremony … Read More