Commissioning: Navy Invitations Being Sent / COVID Options / Streaming (posted 6/9/22)

Invitations and Responses

In an exciting step toward the Saturday, June 25, commissioning of the future USS MONTANA, the Navy is this week sending its USS MONTANA commissioning invitations out by email. The invitations are going to those who requested them, including to those who asked for invitations through the USS Montana Committee.

Responses to the invitations are being requested to be sent directly to the Navy by Tuesday, June 14. Tickets will then be mailed to those accepting the invitations.

Montanans and special guests of the USS Montana Committee who are attending the commissioning are also invited to a number of Committee pre-commissioning events shown on the previously posted schedule.

We ask Montanans and Committee guests that, only if you’ve not already done so, you send us a note through our website Contact page about your plans or any changes in them. For planning purposes we continue to need to know specifically whether you will be with us for our informal no-host get-together on Thursday evening, the optional no-host Harbor Cruise on Friday morning (that requires separate registration and payment), the Naval Station Norfolk submarine and other tours, and the reception on Friday night.

COVID Requirements

The information on the COVID card included in the Navy invitation packet requires some clarification. The final date for required second vaccination doses for someone to be considered fully vaccinated by the Navy is June 10 (rather than May 13 as stated on the card).

In addition, we understand that non-fully-vaccinated individuals may attend the commissioning if they can provide evidence of a negative result of a COVID test taken “…within 72 hours of their visit”. The test may be a PCR or rapid one – however, we’re told by the Navy that the result documentation must show that the test was administered for the person by an outside entity such as a drugstore, clinic, or doctor’s office.

Media Coverage and Streaming

Finally, for those unable to attend the commissioning, we are facilitating news coverage that will be available to broadcasters thanks to a grant from the Greater Montana Foundation and two documentary filmmakers who will be with us. For print media, Rural Montana magazine is offering to provide reports.

In addition, the commissioning ceremony will be live-streamed at The ceremony will begin at 8:00 am Montana Time. Streaming will begin at 7:45 am Montana Time.

If you have any questions, you may always send them to us through the website Contact page.