Merry Christmas and Best Holiday Wishes! (posted 12/25/22)

With the USS MONTANA back in Norfolk, we wish the crew and their families and friends a Merry Christmas, a blessed Hanukkah and holiday season, and a wonderful 2023! We wish the same for you and yours, and all serving in our military.

We’ll soon be providing a more complete crew update, but for now we thought you’d like to know that the MONTANA’s recent at-sea period for more testing and training included some work in warmer waters.

USS MONTANA Swim Call, somewhere warm, December 2022

That meant a “swim call”, a unique and welcome break as our young sailors continue to prepare to defend our nation.

The surface time and climate also allowed a special on-deck “fish-pinning” for newly-qualified submariners to receive their dolphin pins.

Dolphin pinning group aboard SSN 794, December 2022

In addition to the forthcoming boat and crew update, we’ll also soon be providing more information on our future goals and programs in support of SSN 794 and those who sail aboard her during her service life.

Please continue to visit our website News blog page now and then for updates, and use our Contact page to provide comments or ask questions.

Again, all our best holiday wishes!