USS Montana Committee’s RADM George Voelker USN (Ret.) Talks about Submariners, and Military Service (posted 7/2/18)

The first operational commander of USS HELENA, a Los Angeles Class nuclear-powered fast attack submarine still in service, is also the first honorary member of the USS Montana Committee. Now retired after 31 years of service in the U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral George E Voelker was in Montana last week.

During his Montana visit, RADM Voelker had a radio conversation with USSMTC Chairman Bill Whitsitt. The two talked about life aboard a submarine for the young men and women – like those being selected as the initial crew of the future USS MONTANA – who sail in harm’s way. They also talked about the importance of supporting the crews of nuclear subs over their entire service life (which, like that of USS HELENA, is likely to be more than thirty years for the MONTANA).

Thanks to the Northern Broadcasting System’s Voices of Montana team, the entire conversation may be heard by clicking below.