USS MONTANA Ship’s Bell Honor Events on 9/11 Weekend 2021 (posted 8/23/21)

When the young sailors of the future USS MONTANA (SSN 794) take their nuclear-powered fast attack submarine on patrol in defense of our nation, they will carry with them values and courage from their namesake state – and a powerful symbol of them. The warship will carry a new ship’s bell, cast as a submarine-sized replica of the bell aboard … Read More

Progress! On Key Milestones – and Even the Big Sky Saloon… (posted 8/19/21)

Progress continues on board the future USS MONTANA. Commanding Officer CDR Jon Quimby reports that since last month’s reactor certification was completed, other significant milestones have been accomplished along the way to delivery of the MONTANA to the Navy. “First,” says CDR Quimby, “we opened up the ‘Big Sky Saloon’, the nickname of MONTANA’s galley. For our first official meal … Read More

MONTANA’s First CO to Major Nuclear Officer Selection Post; New CO Focused on Next Milestones Toward Commissioning (posted 8/7/21)

Even with normal Navy career progressions and transitions, the pace continues to be fast for Montana’s future namesake warship! At last month’s Change of Command ceremony in which Captain Michael Delaney turned over command of PCU MONTANA to Commander Jon Quimby, both were commended by Commodore, and Commander of Submarine Squadron Six, Jeff Juergens. As part of the ceremony filled … Read More