MONTANA’s New Chief Petty Officers: Success, Strength and Teamwork with a Treasure State Touch (posted 2/26/21)

We’re always delighted to see crew members of the MONTANA excelling, and advancing in their fields.

The report below, from commanding officer CAPT Mike Delaney and Chief of the Boat Master Chief Tim Baldwin makes us proud on two fronts: the personal accomplishments of three new Chief Petty Officers, and that they would connect their new rank, advancement process and initiation recognition – all unique to the U.S. Navy – to Montana in a unique way…

New CPOs (L-R) Gruver, Casey, Rossin (i-29-21)

On 29 January, MONTANA advanced three of the Navy’s newest Chief Petty Officers (CPO). In the Navy – and only in the United States Navy – does the rank of E-7 carry with it unique responsibilities and privileges that are expected to be fulfilled and observed.

 Once selected for advancement, all new Chiefs go through an initiation process.

The initiation process is a part of the CPO heritage that plays a key role in their development as Chiefs to prepare them to lead sailors in the Fleet.   As part of their initiation, they are issued a “Charge Book”. Within this book they are required to document the knowledge of current and past serving CPOs (entrusted to their care) for professional development or charges (authoritative instructions or tasking of a directive nature).

CPOs Charge Books in specially-crafted cases. In the foreground are plaques engraved with the CPO Creed and initiation date

Today’s Charge Book is a great tradition dating back to World War II. Chiefs have preserved it and returned it to its original purpose. Today’s Charge Book is not for entertainment nor a vehicle for hazing, however mild. It is a valuable learning tool treated with respect; a badge of honor by all concerned. When CPO Initiation Season is over, it becomes a treasured keepsake and the repository for treasured career photos and mementos. 

Working together, this year’s CPOs created special cases for their Charge Books bearing the map of Montana on the back when positioned together.  This unique touch demonstrates success and strength through teamwork.

CPOs Charge Book cases together make a map of Montana

MONTANA’s newest CPOs include:

 Electronics Technician (Navigation) Chief Noah James Rossin

Reporting onboard in October 2018, he is in charge of all the navigation equipment, ships control systems, and the ships announcing system.  He has been in the Navy for 19 years and hails from Waterloo, Iowa.  His next duty station will be the USS NEW HAMPSHIRE (SSN 778) in Norfolk, Virginia.

 Torpedomans Mate Chief Kurt Gruver

Reporting onboard in November 2018, he is in charge of all the weapons, weapon handling systems, and physical security on MONTANA.  He has been in the Navy for 10 years and hails from Dallas, Texas.  His next duty station will be the USS HENRY M. JACKSON (SSBN 730) in Bangor, Washington.

 Machinist Mate (Auxiliary) Chief Sean Casey

Reporting onboard in October 2018, he is in charge of all the mechanical, atmosphere control, and hydraulic systems on MONTANA.  He has been in the Navy for 10 years and hails from Tucson, Arizona. His next duty station will be the USS VERMONT (SSN 792) in Groton, Connecticut.

To Chief Petty Officers Rossin, Gruver and Casey, we thank you for your contributions and accomplishments aboard MONTANA. And we wish you well in your new assignments.