MONTANA Gets Ready for Commissioning June 25 – Official Ceremony Invitation Process Begins (posted 3/29/22)

The future USS MONTANA and her crew have a couple of more at-sea periods before they move to a different, and larger, Naval Station Norfolk pier for SSN 794’s official commissioning. The ceremony will take place on Saturday, June 25, at 10 am Eastern Daylight Time.

Of particular interest to Montanans: While in port, a number of interior enhancements reflecting Big Sky Country and its people are being installed. Parts of the submarine have been named for Montana places. Passageways are named for rivers.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is all-3x16-Passageway-Sign-proofs-1024x192.jpg
Passageway sign aboard SSN 794

The Crew Mess – now called the Big Sky Saloon – suddenly has a distinct and impressive Glacier National Park look and feel. And there is more to come before commissioning!

Invitations to the June 25 ceremony, an official Navy event, will be provided by the Navy. Its process for deciding who receives invitations and response forms by mail is beginning. As part of that process, the USS Montana Committee can pass invitation requests to the Navy for its consideration.

If you have an interest in attending the commissioning ceremony and would like to have the Navy send you an invitation, attendance instructions and a response form, please fill out and print the information form available here, then scan and return it to us as an email attachment. Return instructions are also on the form.

Please keep in mind that the USS Montana Committee’s role in the official Navy commissioning ceremony invitation process is limited to helping the Navy receive indications of interest in the official ceremony. Those receiving invitations will respond directly to the Navy about their ceremony attendance plans.

Montanans and others seeking information on separate commissioning-related USS Montana Committee events may send questions through our website Contact page.